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1、翻译 wait one's turn :等一等 2、例句 EMILY is every young professional who's been told to wait her turn and every seasoned one who's been told she still has to pay her dues. 艾米莉是每个被人告诉说要等一阵才能轮到她的年轻的...

wait是不及物动词,所以要做搭配的时候只能用wait for. await是及物动词,不用for做搭配,单独使用。


Don\'t Make Me Wait Locksley by-kg.j one look was all it took and everything was said my darlin\' one look was all it took and you were in my head my darlin\' i stood like an open book waiting to be read my darlin\' one look wa...

专辑:Summer Love 歌手:Stevie Hoang 歌曲:Worth the Wait 中文歌词: 值得等待 呜 这首歌给我的宝贝 呜 耶 哦 哦 哦 哦 哦 这首歌给我的宝贝 哦 哦 哦 哦 哦 这首歌给我的宝贝 考虑 我从前的生活是什么样 所有我犯的错 耗尽一生发现这才是对...

We can't wait one minute moreThe sun will shineThe sun will shineThere's a key that opens a doorWill you find it and turn it?Take your time, ...


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wait for one minute and depress 等一分钟和抑制 双语对照 例句: 1. I know. Could you hold for one minute? 我知道,请稍等一下好吗?

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