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at the turn of 20th century at the turn of the century 世纪之交,指新世纪的来临 这里指20世纪的到来,也就是世纪之初。 20世纪之末的表达是: at the end of 20th century

turn-of-the-century adj.世纪之交的; But preservationists still hope to revive the turn-of-the-century gingerbread houses in the capital of port-au-prince, which have fallen into disrepair. 但是古迹保护主义者仍然希望修复首都太子...

at the turn of the century 于世纪之交;处于世纪之交的;在世纪之交 例句 1.He was born at the turn of the century. 他出生于世纪之交。 2.Opera reached its zenith at the turn of the century. 歌剧在本世纪初达到了它的顶峰。



前者意为“到世纪之交” 后者指“在世纪之交” 如不明白请追问,如果满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

around the turn of the century 在世纪之交 双语例句 1 They fled to South America around the turn of the century. 他们在世纪之交逃到了南美洲。 2 Countries experience urbanization spurts, such as the United States of America, as w...

At the turn of the 20th century. 指20世纪初。 理解起来就是在20世界和19世纪交接的时候。 如果满意,请记得 点击本页面中的“选为满意回答”按钮,(*^__^*) 谢谢~~.

at the turn of Google 网络词典 at the turn of the century 隐藏摘要 时间的转换点 【摘要】 a turn in the road 马路的转弯处时间的转换点 at the turn of the century 世纪之交 转变;转机 The sick person has taken a turn for the better...

1. B2. D3. C4. D5. C6. B7. A8. D9. A10. A11. B12. D13. B14. C15. D16. B17. D18. D19. C20. C 1.这里at the turn of the century表示的是“在本世纪初”这一具体时间,只有at可以用在这里。2.根据上文所说的大多数国家都有自己的音乐风格(sty...

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