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turn out to BE

turn out to be 后面接名词性短语或从句 例如:it turns out to be a big problem/ it turns out to be what you never know. turn out that后面接从句 例如:it turns out that I find the job.

结果是... 原来是... Unfortunately they do not turn out to be more creative; they only feel that way. 不幸的,结果他们并没有更具创造力;那只是他们的感觉而已。

prove to be(结果是,原来是)

turn out to be 英[tə:n aut tu: bi:] 美[tɚn aʊt tu bi] [词典] 结果是,原来是,证明是; [例句]The result will definitely turn out to be just the opposite of their wish. 其结果必然不会像他们所一厢情愿的那样,而只能适...

是的,这个词组是比较难翻译,但里面的意思和was不一样,这个turn out有种我原来觉得应该不难,结果验证为"难",有一种 being easy turns to being difficult的感觉在里面。翻译的话,可以翻译成居然很难或做下来发现很难,有种没预料的感觉在里面。

连读主要是两个两个单词之间。 turn out, 把最后/n/音和开头的/a/音连读; out to, 只发一个/t/音 (另外, to要弱读成/tə/ ) to be不连读 be a 可不连读,读快了类似/biə/双元音 希望讲清楚了~~

turn out to be英 [tə:n aut tu: bi:] 美 [tɚn aʊt tu bi] [释义]结果是,原来是,证明是; [网络]证明是; 原来是; 结果是; [例句]The mold design seems to fit the rumored case specifications, so this may just turn out to ...


及物 turn out 1.结果是;证明是 The party turned out to be very successful. 晚会结果开得很成功。 不及物 进行 How did your party turn out? 你们的聚会搞得怎么样 turn out的用法 turn out用法(物作主语) turn out:“结果是,被证明是”,...

turn out = turn out to be turn out to = 什么都不是

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